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M. Salman Abid Mayo CEO & Founder of Saeed Law Company

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3rd Floor Salman Heights, 97-B Main Boulevard Jubilee Town, Lahore , Lahore, Pakistan
0336 3334636

Muhammad Salman Abid Mayo is a distinguished advocate, corporate leader, and the dynamic CEO and founder of the Saeed Law Company. Mr. Mayo is a seasoned legal professional and multifaceted business leader who combines legal acumen with strategic business insights. As the CEO and Founder of the Saeed Law Company, he has demonstrated superior leadership, marked by his 12 years of experience as a practicing advocate in the High Court of Lahore.

Mr. Mayo boasts an extensive educational background that perfectly complements his professional life. He holds an MBA in Human Resource Management from The University of Lahore, an LLB from Bahauddin Zakariya University, and Master of Arts in Islamiat & Arabic. His education equips him with a unique blend of business, legal, and cultural knowledge, enabling him to navigate the complex realms of Pakistani law and business effectively.

In his role as the leader of the Saeed Law Company, Mr. Mayo has led a team of top 100 listed advocates of Pakistan, specializing in a diverse range of legal services, including Corporate and Commercial Law, Startup Solutions, Litigation, Property Management Services, civil & criminal, Intellectual Property Services, Banking and Insurance, Tax Services, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Finance Marketing Services, AML Compliance, and Trust Foundation and NPO Incorporation.

Beyond the law firm, Mr. Mayo is also a renowned figure in the financial world. His 12 years of experience spans domestic and international business dealings as per global legal perspective. fund management, modern agriculture, retail food management, and real estate development & management.

Mr. Mayo’s compassion, resilience, and results-driven approach have been instrumental in his career. He has consistently delivered exceptional outcomes in all his professional endeavors, reflecting his commitment to excellence and his deep understanding of his fields of work. His leadership style promotes a culture of growth, collaboration, and forward-thinking

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